next competitions:
Aug. 1st:  Einsiedeln/SUI - Team Norway doesn't start there.
Aug. 3rd: Courchevel/FRA
Aug. 5th: Pragelato/ITA
Tom didn't reached 2nd round at single jump on sundays single jump competition. At the team competition Norway took 4th place.
The Team won't start in Einsiedeln/SUI August 1st, they are now in a trainingscamp in Oberstdorf/GER. They are back for the SGP Courchevel/FRA August 3rd

Gallery and Videos (selfmade) are updated

news are updated

links are updated
next competition: July 26th & 27th - SGP Hinterzarten - selfmade photos will be online after the weekend

7.-11. Juli: A-laget/2011 Trainings-Camp Lillehammer

photos from the trainingscamp Ö-Vik:

source: www.kollenhopp.no

News are updated
June news are moved to


new link:

news are updated
Photos from the trainingscamp

news are updated

Gallery is updated

Links are updated

news are updated

link is online

News are updated

I have a little tip for all of you  
www.lillehammerhopp.no has updated news about the summer testjumps from this week. Follow  the link "Dokumenter" and then "sammenlagt 2008"

FIS confirmed WorldCup Schedules for 2008/2009 (full schedule comes as soon as possible)
the Portrait and news thread are changed


FIS comfirmed a team tournament for the 2008/2009 season in Germany at following hills:
Oberstdorf, Willingen and Klingenthal

its official: WorldChampionship 2012 will take place in Vikersund/NOR

new link:

Tom in his favourite daily soap "Hotel Caesar":

national norwegian jumping team 2008/2009
Anders Bardal Steinkjer (25) IL/Trønderhopp
Kenneth Gangnes (18) Kolbukameratene/NTG
Tom Hilde (20) Asker SK/Kollenhopp
Anders Jacobsen (23) Ringkollen ST/FTV
Bjørn Einar Romøren (27) Hosle IL/Kollenhopp
Kim Rene Elverum Sorsell (19) Ullensaker SK/Kollenhopp
Jon Aaraas (22) Ready/Kollenhopp

Photo: Mika, Tom & Roar:







draft of the WorldCup winter season 2008/2009:





















Tom interview in the tv show "Golden Goal"



















Article from Kollenhopp about Tom

























Archive January 2008

30.01.2008: Tom finished 2nd at the Norwegian Championsship today, winner is Anders Jacobsen
27.01.2008: Anders Bardal won the todays competition in Zakopane/POL, 6th Anders Jacobsen, 7th Tom Hilde, 14th Bjørn-Einar Romøren, 18th Jon Aaraas, 29th Andreas Vilberg. Compitition got cancelled during 2nd round after best 20 jumpers got their jumps cause of heavy wind.
26.01.2008: competition got cancelled today and should take place tomorrow.
25.01.2008: Tom finished 6th today in Zakopane/POL
20.01.2008: at the morning competition in czech Harrachov, Tom finished 2nd after Janne Ahonen/FIN. 2nd competition will run at 1.45pm this afternoon
the afternoons competition got cancelled due wind & weather conditions
19.01.2008: Gallery thread is changed
19.01.2008: today skiflying competition got cancelled cause of wind & weather competitions
13.01.2008: Tom won the todays competition, congratulation
12.01.2008: Tom Hilde won the todays competition, 2nd round got cancelled after Bjørns fall during jump.
06.01.2008: Tom didn't reach the 2nd jump in the last competition of the 4hill tour in Bischofshofen; Janne Ahonen won the tour
06.01.2008: 2007 news are in  the new thread: 2007 news Archive
05.01.2008: Tom finished 6th in todays competition in Bischofshofen which replaced the Innsbruck 4Hill-tournament
04.01.2008: todays competition day in Innsbruck got cancelled cause of wind
01.01.2008: Tom finished 8th today in Garmisch



News Archive 2007

31.12.2007: Qualification in Garmisch got cancelled cause of wind conditions
30.12.2007: Tom finished with a good 4th place in Oberstdorf at the 4hill tournament today
29.12.2007: news & Tom got sent back to place 50 - read the news
23.12.2007: Tom finished 11th today after a bad jump in first round in Engelberg/SUI
22.12.2007: Tom finished 3rd today in swiss Engelberg
14.12.2007: Tom didn't reached the 2nd round todays WC competition in Villach/AUT
13.12.2007: news
09.12.2007: WC standing after today - Tom is 2nd  
09.12.2007: Tom finished 6th in Trondheim today
08.12.2007: Tom finished 3rd in Trondheim
01.12.2007: Tom finished 3rd today - news updated
30.11.2007: Norway won in team competition in finnish Kuusamo, more in the news
26.11.2007: Team for Kuusamo: Tom Hilde, Anders Jacobsen, Anders Bardal, Sigurd Pettersen, Roar Ljøkelsøy, Bjørn-Einar Romøren
19.11.2007: new thread: videos
12.11.2007: news
05.11.2007: Articles & news 2007/08
30.10.2007: new thread: articles
27.10.2007: news
22.10.2007: news
21.10.2007: new link
unofficial homepage Terje Hilde
14.10.2007: news
09.10.2007: update pictures from SGP Klingenthal
08.10.2007: pictures from SGP Klingenthal - more come soon
22.09.2007: lykke med fødselsdagen
19.09.2007: news
02.09.2007: news
29.08.2007: news in norwegian language about Tom you'll find there with following this link
Tom Hilde news
16.08.2007: news
14.08.2007: news
27.07.2007: news
05.07.2007: news
21.06.2007: news
contact/Impressum information
04.05.2007: news
06.04.2007: about me
31.03.2007: news
30.03.2007: Link list
 29.12.2007: result qualification 4hill in Oberstdorf: www.fis-ski.com/pdf/2008/JP/3097/2008JP3097SLR1.pdf
Tom got send back on place 50 cause of jumpsuit trouble:
13.12.2007: full result WC Villach:
www.fis-ski.com/uk/604/610.html full result of todays competition
30.11.2007: Norway won team competition in finnish Kuusamo
2nd Austria
3rd Finland
12.11.2007: the national squad is training under snow conditions till friday in Rovaniemi/FIN
05.11.2007: Tom at take-off (C)
www.asker-skiklubb.no take off article
27.10.2007: Tom takes place on the take-off day nov 4th at his local skiclub Asker. Source
http://skiforbundet.no (hopp)
22.10.2007: the national squad will join to a trainingscamp at austrias Innsbruck from wednesday on, where the B-Team is already there.
14.10.2007: Tom finished 4th at the NM in Lillehammer.
1 Thomas Lobben 2 Anders Jacobsen 3 Andreas Vilberg
19.09.2007: Tom moves to Lillehammer
les mer....
02.09.2007: Tom finished 9th at the NC at Marikollen. The complete results you can read here:
16.08.2007: Tom didn't qualified himself yesterday. So we won't see him jumping today in Pragelato.
14.08.2007: Tom hasn't luck today, the wind conditions didn't fit to him, so he couldn't qualify for the 2nd round. Read the complete results here:
27.07.2007: The national jumping squad won't participate in Hinterzarten. They will jump in Courchevel, Pragelato, Oberhof and Klingenthal. In Hinterzarten we will see those young guys jumping: Vilberg, Kjelstrup, Stensrud, Lobben and Renmaelmo
05. July 2007:
two more pics about Tom & Ander J. in KSand
1 2
02. July 2007:
I think you should see that pic, Tom get carried in a trolley in a finnish supermarket by Roar 
21. june 2007:
more about Tom & Anders J. in KSand
20. june 2007:
article & pictures of Tom & Anders J. supporting youngster jumpers
14. May 2007:
contact/Impressum information
04. May 2007: news
06.April 2007: about me
31. March 2007: news
30. March 2007: Link list

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